Halliwell Themed Funerals

Halliwell goes the extra mile to provide a personalised or traditional funeral service


Gone are the days when all funerals had to look the same, with black being the overriding colour both for the hearse and the mourners. Some people still prefer a traditional service, but one of the biggest changes the funeral industry has experienced in recent years is the demand for a personalised send-off.

Halliwell offers a huge range of features to create an individual funeral that captures the character and life of the person being celebrated. A horse-drawn hearse, for example, is ideal for someone who loved horses. Horses also add a certain dignity and grace to the proceedings.

We can also organise a Harley Davidson, Suzuki or Triumph motorcycle hearse for people who want their final journey to mark the passion they had in life.

Whatever your wish, our funeral staff will try to make it come true. One customer wanted a VW camper van as a hearse – and we provided it. Another family asked us for a pink hearse because their relative loved the colour pink. We scoured the country until we found the only one in existence.

We have even produced a coffin in the shape of a skip for a scrapyard owner who was buried with a few bits of scrap metal, according to his last wish. A firefighter was taken on his last journey in a fire engine.

Other people’s ashes have been spectacularly dispersed in fireworks. The release of white doves is a beautiful sight and can poignantly symbolise your loved one being at peace.

These are just some examples of the unusual requests we have been able to put into action.

See our floral tributes section to see how funeral flowers can also be personalised.