Halliwell Bereavement Support

Bereavement support groups offer friendship and advice to help people cope with grief

Step by Step founder Maria Holton and trained CRUSE counsellor Richard Lockwood offer bereavement support to families.

Step by Step founder Maria Holton and trained CRUSE counsellor Richard Lockwood offer bereavement support to families. They are pictured at an annual Christmas candlelit church service, organised by our funeral arrangers, to remember those who have passed away.

Some people find sharing their feelings with others is the best way to come to terms with the death of somebody they love. This is why we assist several groups which offer bereavement support, providing invaluable comfort for people struggling to get over the loss of a relative or friend.

At our Heath Hayes funeral home, we host the Open Arms group which meets in one of our rooms every Thursday. Anyone is welcome to come along and talk to others who have experienced similar emotions.

Backed by the resources and caring ethos of the Tamworth Co-operative Society, we also fund the activities of the Step by Step group which mainly works with bereaved parents. Both organisations are open to anyone.

The following articles about Open Arms and Step by Step were published in the media.

How the Open Arms group is helping bereaved people to laugh again

Members of an independent bereavement support group in Heath Hayes say sharing their pain has helped to rebuild their lives. Some members of ‘Open Arms’ even claim that without the support they received they might well have taken their own lives.

They now want to reach out to more people who feel they are drowning in a sea of grief. PHIL SHANAHAN attended a meeting at the Halliwell House Funeral Home and discovered that laughter plays as big a part as tears during a typical group session.

Step by Step group offers a lifeline to parents who have lost a child

The unbearable pain of losing a child can drive parents to behave in ways they could never previously have imagined.

A Stonydelph mum on hearing the news that her son had died in an accident  pinched herself so hard ‘to wake herself up’ that she still bears the scars from her fingernails seven years later. She had his ashes placed in a teddy bear so he can still be present at family events and even be included on the photographs.

Download our Bereavement Support Guide

Please download our bereavement support guide below. It covers everything that needs to be done when someone dies and where to find help if you are struggling with grief.