Sweet Beginnings

Special mementoes of your precious baby to bring you lasting memories


One of the hardest things to come to terms with is the loss of a baby, either during pregnancy or soon after birth. For the parents and their families, it is a cruel and devastating blow, often made worse by the fact they have had little time to get to know the child. There are no happy memories that can sustain them in years to come – only emptiness and pain.

At Halliwell, we understand how important it is to have some kind of memento that can fill this void and bring comfort. In conjunction with Sweet Beginnings, we offer a unique service which involves taking casts of the baby’s hands and feet. These beautiful imprints are then put inside a memory frame, alongside other precious keepsakes, if requested, such as first shoes, a photograph, a poem, a set of angel wings, or even hospital tags. The choice is yours.

All frames are made to fit your personal items. So there is no limit to what can be displayed. Other options include having your baby’s ashes secured in a specially designed pot.

Hand and foot casts can be taken from older children and adults too, while hand, foot and fingerprint jewellery is also available with this service. Using skin safe materials, ink prints are taken and transferred onto a range of handcrafted charms, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Prints can also be put on a lobster clasp, a key ring, a coin, cufflinks and a man’s dog tag necklace. You may already have ink prints which can be used. If not, you will be sent a special kit so that you can take your own.

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